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Our aim is to instil Quality with Integrity into the character of all students...


Untroubled by anything external. A person knows no fear when faced with danger, agression or unexpected events. It's a total impassivity before the hazards of life.

This concept, expressed by Takuan, was developed by Miyamoto Musashi, who gave it the name Iwa-no-mi, "Body-like-a-rock" It applies to a warrior who remains calm and imperturbable in all circumstances.

When my other side acts then I act first. The inner explosion pure and profound instantly saturates the surface. Because I know this moment, the next moment is my friend always. Ideal training aspires to interpret movement intuitively moment by moment beforehand in order to know the outcome. In this way one can be in synergy with the universal movement. Whether one achieves or not, if your Heart is True the outcome is correct. To face and accept this outcome is Fudoshin character and good Aikido practice.

The training is rigorous and the approach to the basic technique is at an advance level. Many Aikido students unfamiliar with the method to the Feeling within this training will find it uncomfortable maintaining connectedness, with the movement created by the Ukemi produced. Until I absorb the Feeling within the training then will I free myself. 
         Chicko 22 July, 1998 

An important aspect of this training is the focus on high level Ukemi practise. Ones skill ultimately is how well one is able to follow and remain in centre with the Ukemi produced through the movement. The movement being the subtle shifts within the ether supporting the greater movement. To understand this concept and accept its practise indicates the level in ones understanding. Understand this and I will practise true Aiki survival techniques. Much school type practise of Aikido today is devoted to only low level Ukemi ie: Ukemi involving only forward and backward rolling. Higher level Ukemi travels far beyond this. Aikido practise must involve highly rigorous training to stimulate and purify the senses in order for a mind -- body recognision of subtle variations within movement, revealing a complete universe in Ukemi spirit. To stand firm in your place with your arms and fingers outstretched expecting the universal to consider you separate, to not become aware and involved with the Ukemi of the world is in direct contrast and is a project opposing the development of understanding Ukemi depth. The Old master Morihei Ueshiba (O'Sensei) emphisized this point. To train harder and harder in order to extend through to beyond our persieved limitations. Its at this point the body-- mind centre will pass beyond the doubts presented. The spirit confronting the limmiting ego is able to cut through and keep all in check.

One must ultimately be in synergy with ones spirit and the Ukemi of our other side. Other side being the partner or partners we train with or life?s experiences. In the case of self-defence technique and in order to apply a workable application effectively, one must be able to connect in perfect place and time with the Ukemi of the movement to manifest an effective formation in technique. 

Techniques in Aikido act on the Mind Body Center. One is mistaken to think techniques are executed on the extremities of the body only, hands, limbs and joints etc. True Aikido technique acts on that which motivates and initiates movement. All technique form shapes in the physical wrists limbs and body. The truly effective technique acts on the Mind Body Center. Control in locking and unlocking this Center without pain in the joints and body should be our guide for technique advancement. Advancement is from sophisticated Ukemi.( the ability to become sensitive to changes within movement, then observe the future opportunities in the now..) Higher level Aikido begins with high level Ukemi.    
         Chicko 15 July, 2000

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