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Fudoshin Dojo Instructor


Chicko Xerri
  Fudoshin Dojos
 Roku-dan (6 Dan) 45yrs uninterrupted Aikido/exp. Japan certification, Aikikai and Doshu UESHIBA endodsed.


Yamaguchi Seigo Shihan (deceased)

Takeda Yoshinobu Shihan

Sugano Seiichi Shihan (deceased)

Hoa Newens sensei


              Demonstrations honouring Doshu  Ueshiba held in Kamakura each year. Above Chicko Sensei with  Uke Berin Mackenzie, dojo cho of AKI Sydney City dojo

Chicko Xerri Shihan Fudoshin Dojo. (birth 1951) is an Australian/Maltese senior Instructor within the Aikido Kenkyukai International Network and head of Fudoshin Dojos Australia Chicko Sensei teaches with an Aikido background since 1974. Prior to Aikido, since the age of 10 years was always interested in Wrestling, Judo and Karate and connected to clubs in and around the Sydney area. Studied Aikido with only Japanese Masters in Australia and Japan. 8 years exclusively with Sugano Seiichi shihan Sydney, Aikikai Australia and presently since 1981 with Mentor of 37 years, Takeda Yoshinobu shihan 8th dan Shonan Aikido Renmei Kamakura Aikikai Japan.

After spending two years of basic study with Hoa Newens and David Scott at Flinders University Adelaide Aikikai, I moved to Sydney to study under the personal direction of Sugano shihan and senior students Brian Dibble, Rodger Savage, Hanan Janiv and Rick Johnson and remained a regular member until Sugano shihan left Australia for Belgium.

The Woolloomooloo dojo was the focal point for Aikido in Australia at that time and the training was of a high standard. The dan grades were taught well at the hands of Sugano Shihan and they passed on their knowledge willingly to the lower ranks. There were only few lower grade students in the dojo in those early years, which translates to our basic training to be directly in the hands of, at that time Australias' most experienced Black belts and Sugano shihan himself. I remember from my time several Aikidoka such as Ken Maclean and Stephen Semoure, both still practising today. 

I remained with Sydney Aikikai until a meeting with Takeda shihan. The Kamakura Aikikai offered a new and stimulating change to the sensations experienced through the movements of Aikido. Since that initial awakening my perception of Aikido was profoundly altered and the feeling within the practise opened and expanded the imagination to perceive what was before a hidden realm to what is now deep and accessible within a love for the art.

Over the years and in between rigorous and lengthy training in Australia and Japan with Takeda shihan and senior sempei I have established several successful training centers to further promote and help expand the Aikido networks of our collaboration with Takeda Yoshinobu Shihan. The latest being Fudoshin Dojo branches in Western Sydney from 1992 - 2000 and Sunshine Coast (Noosa Heads) from 2000. Earlier Dojo had no formal name and were generally under the umberella of other groups PCYC and Judo clubs ect. Woollongong PCYC 1982-84. Sunshine Coast 1984-92, Noosa Heads PCYC, Palmwoods Brigs rd. Judo dojo,(Today the Yoshinkan Aikido Institute),The Verriadale Hall dojo, Maroochydore Living Arts Center and Chambers Island dojo were all early dojo.

 Practice in Fudoshin dojo is alive and spirited with a definite sense of reality, an emphasis on high level Ukemi; expressed through the body arts and involving sword and a variety of weapons. Sword, Bokken, Shoto and Jo training are at advanced levels. The basic traditional methods related to Kenjutsu and Jodo is elevated through a heightened sense of human intuitive instinct. With out this the traditional methods and kata form of training will leave Sword, Bokken and Jo to be an in effective procedure. "(This training will let you know if your training method and techniques are alive or dead.)

 Often Ken and Jodo forms today, tend to be taught with a type of Kabuki intent, lacking Aiki connectedness." This level of training is passed on to more experienced students and is conducted; with emotional content in a safe formal; manner. Our training method is at premium and is outside the notion of any particular style, (as O'Sensei intended). 

Students who have passed through the Fudoshin dojo method of Aikido training to Yudansha Level are confident through being instructed at discovering and developing their own and unique Aikido essence. Most are known internationally and highly regarded for their skillful manner within Aikido movement and Budo mentality. This is non voilent, high level self defence regardless of body size and gender, involving sophisticated samurai skills and Budo mentality with the ability to adapt to Japanese martial styles effectively.

I am enthusiastic to express my Aikido experience and methodology with all who are willing and interested in developing further their understanding of Aikido, Aiki-Budo and The Samurai Arts outside their present perception and current development. I am open to any invitation to pass on this personal knowledge freely through open seminars and group workshops at any time. 

I have taught Aikido regularly within Australia and on several occasions in the USA and Europe, particularly Spain, Italy, Germany, Holland, UK, Ireland and Malta.

 A registered member with the AIKIKAI FOUNDATION JAPAN (AIKIDO WORLD HEADQUARTERS) Shinjuku Japan. All grading and certificates are recorded and endorsed in Japan by Aikikai Director Takeda Yoshinobu Shihan and Doshu UESHIBA.  Currently the holder of Shihan rank 6 dan Aikikai Tokyo with 43years Aikido experience, an affinity for and an extensive background in Kashima sword related practice and the Samurai Arts.

 Lets Share practice together, create a better and more peacefully fulfilling world based on Aiki through our love of Aikido and our shared realms of existence ......... Chicko. 

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